Campaign Priority

Rosovsky Hall: Harvard Hillel’s 25 year-old home is bursting at the seams; we must update Rosovsky Hall for the current and coming generations of Jewish life at Harvard.

Harvard Hillel's space itself is something that helps promote pluralism. We have this enormous courtyard that has space to have a big party, but during Sukkot it becomes a giant sukkah. We have all these spaces that serve as functional spaces but also uniquely Jewish spaces.

david sackstein '14, JD '20

Harvard Hill Aims to:

  • Overhaul and replace essential physical plant systems
  • Remodel entry-level and common spaces to accommodate increased activity
  • Convert the central courtyard into a 365-day/year atrium
  • Refurbish program spaces throughout Rosovsky Hall

Campaign Goal:

$8 million

Named Spaces, Capital Improvements & Building Renewal Fund

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Harvard Hillel’s 25 year-old home is bursting at the seams, and critical infrastructure is in need of repair and replacement to support its high tempo, variety, and volume of programming.

The largest area of Rosovsky Hall, the central courtyard, crowded on warm and sunny days, is unusable throughout most of the academic year due to New England weather.

Student life at Harvard Hillel today far exceeds the original architectural brief of ‘four worship/classroom spaces and a dining hall.’

As students, we have seen how the work of Harvard Hillel helps foster understanding in our increasingly divided society. As the world changes, it is so important that the friendships we've made through Harvard Hillel–with classmates of all faiths–will endure.

Edyt Dickstein '17 and Rachel Huebner '18

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